In Vino Veritas: Bridges Staff Wine and Beer Tasting

On 2 June 2017 by Bridges Restaurant

“Talking about our wine and beer products gives us a chance to romance what we enjoy the most and share that experience with our dinner guests.”


Jimmy, one of our beloved servers, said it best: Wine is about romance and turning a meal into an experience

Alex, another one of our wonderful servers, added, “just talking to our fellow colleagues is good practice and helps us understand and articulate what we think and feel about wine and spirits.”


Nice Work if You Can Get It

This is why we love to hold our annual staff wine and beer tasting–one of our most anticipated staff events of the year! It’s a tough job, but someone has to do the grueling work of tasting some of the best wines and beers from around the world.


Our Knowledgeable Staff

Our staff love to learn all about the wine and beer we serve so that they can make the best-informed suggestions for our guests. They are always eager to learn more about the beverages that we offer, whether they are already oenophiles or new to the wine tasting game.  


patio at Bridges patio at Bridges patio at Bridges


Here are a few Wine and Beer selections that our staff had a chance to try!


Fine Wine

Ella, from David and Herman Distributors, loves their Emotivo Prosecco, which is a top seller in BC. 

“It’s super fresh, fruity, and medium dry–not sweet but fruity with full bubbles and made from Bolero grapes from the Prosecco region of Italy. This is a really easy wine to enjoy on a summer day on a patio!”

She also loves the Falernia Reserva Carmenere, from Chile:

“This is not a typical Carmenere. It’s richer and more concentrated. The Italian winemaker took a different take with this one. He let the grapes partially dry on the vine, which is unusual. But he grew them in a particularly dry region in Chile. The result is a rich and fruity, yet approachable wine. It’s unique and fun to try! A great intro to those not used to drinking reds.”


Beer Me!

Eugene, from The Granville Island Brewing Company, was excited about serving the first beer the company ever produced back in 1984–their classic lager! However, they are always innovating–hence their Sunshine Coast Hefeweizen, a new summer beer. This one is a German-style wheat beer, unfiltered with notes of banana, cloves, and spices. I’ll take two! 


Other great wines on hand were:  

Burrowing Owl (BC)

Quail’s Gate (BC)

Sandhill (BC)

Oyster Bay (New Zealand)

Baltasar El Político Garnacha (Spain)


Some notable beers included:  

Red Truck

Parallel 49

Granville Island Brewing Co.


Our Staff like to Wine (or rather, talk about it!) 

Summer server, Liza explains: “It’s important to describe how [the wine] tastes on the nose and on the palate. It’s great to be able to give our guests an extra bit of knowledge, so they can put their trust in us–especially if they don’t know much about wine. We want them to be able to have faith in us.”  

Fiona added, “being newer summer staff, it’s really important to have these events so that we can learn more about what we are serving. We appreciate the opportunity.”


patio at Bridges patio at Bridges patio at Bridges


patio at Bridges
patio at Bridges
patio at Bridges
patio at Bridges





David, one of our longest serving staff members, explained, “wine is what makes food or bread or cheese taste good. It adds to your experience. This is a great opportunity for us to actually taste and not just read from a label. We can look our customers in the eye and tell them confidently how it tastes to us.”



Another long-time staff member, Terry, reiterated the importance of actually tasting the wines and beer and talking to the reps because “customers have questions! If you don’t know what you are doing it doesn’t help them. It’s crucial to know your wine and beer to add value for the customer.”






patio at Bridges
patio at Bridges