Summer Dessert on the Waterfront

by Bridges Restaurant


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The sun is out. Finally! Summer seems to have decided to bless us with its presence and we are #grateful! Vancouverites know that these gorgeous sun-alive days do not last long, so we’ve got to make the most of it while we can! Time to break out the summer attire and get active!

A Sweeter Sport
While you’ll see droves of eager Vancouverites trudging up the Grouse Grind, or running along the Stanley Park seawall, taking full advantage of the azure skies and warm temperatures, there is another activity that takes less energy and far less endurance. It’s the summer sport of eating gelato on a patio!

Practice Makes Perfect
This sport, unlike running a half-marathon or yoga, takes very little training or skill, but has a huge payoff! We recommend practicing this gelato eating activity as often as you can throughout the summer! 

Handmade, Fresh and Mouthwatering
When you’re on Granville Island and looking for a refreshing treat, there’s no better place to hang out than on our world-class patio. Enjoy a selection of our mouth-watering handmade gelato and sorbetto, served up fresh daily at our Dessert Bar! With flavours like dulce de leche, pistachio, mango, strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate, there’s something that will tempt even the most discerning gelato aficionado.

Summer dessert on our waterfront patio is a lot more than just gelato! Our Pastry Chef, Brian Busenius, and his team have been busy creating delectable summer confections that will have you hanging out on our patio all summer!

Cookies and Cream!
What could be better than freshly made gelato? How about if you put it between two freshly baked chocolate chip cookies! This is the ultimate “ice cream sandwich.” An epic summer treat!

There are few more satisfying desserts than our Affogato. You’ll feel like you’re on the Italian Riviera while sipping this iconic blend of hot espresso poured over freshly made vanilla gelato! Pro tip: this dessert is best enjoyed after dinner while watching the sunset over English Bay.    

For those of you who love to indulge in the joy of a classic, we’ve got the best Banana split in the city! Made with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry gelato (freshly made in-house), whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and topped with almonds, this iconic creation is a summer patio staple! A great one to share, but definitely not mandatory!

We’re a Little Cheesy and Very Decadent
If gelato is not your thing (we’ll try not to judge), we’re still serving up our life-changing Bridges Baked Cheesecake, and our world-famous Decadence Cake! Our pastry chef has elevated these delectable sweet creations to an artform! A perfect patio dessert for summer!

Patio Desserting: It’s a Thing!
The sun is out. Vancouver is abuzz with activity. Lulu Lemon attire has been purchased for a summer of hiking, biking, yoga, and running. However, those elastic waist yoga pants are also great for the best summer sport of all: “Patio desserting.” It’s the low impact sport you’ll want to do all summer long!


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