Some Enchanted Evening

On 25 July 2017 byBridges Restaurant


She Swiped Right!

So you have a date and you’re not sure where to go. We’ve got you covered! The upstairs terrace at Bridges is the place! Why? Read on!


Stay Up Late 

We’re excited to announce that we’ve opened our upstairs terrace until 11 pm this summer so you can enjoy the natural beauty of Granville Island while enjoying one of the best seafood and fish menus in the city. It really doesn’t get any better than this!


The Perfect Mise en Scene

There is something enchanting about dining al fresco. Add a little moonlight, a few thousand stars, and one breathtaking view and you’ve got the ingredients for an undeniably romantic cocktail.


Magic in Your Own Backyard (or Terrace)

The good news is that you don’t have to go to Paris, Florence or Madrid to find this magic. Look no further than the terrace at Bridges! Like a great play or film, we understand the importance of creating the perfect setting to evoke the perfect mood--a romantic mise en scene.


The Stars Align

We’re not trying to put any pressure on anyone, but our evening terrace has even inspired a marriage proposal or two. It’s no surprise when the environment and the food are this perfect; it brings out the romantic in even the most pragmatic of people. But don’t worry, you don’t have to bring an engagement ring to dinner--just your appetite!


The Magic of Al Fresco

We think al fresco dining and romance have always gone hand in hand. There is just something sensual about the experience. Perhaps it has to do with the synesthetic elements: The taste and aroma of the cuisine, the feel of a refreshing cool breeze mixed with a gorgeous view. Magic.


An “Out of Time” Experience

With our evening terrace, we wanted to create an “out of time” experience--a place where you can simply be in the moment, set aside your worries and just be present. It’s these moments that sustain us, energize us and remind us why we live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Something for Everyone

Whether you’re coming for dinner or after an after-theatre dessert and drink, we’ve got a stellar new menu to satisfy whatever you crave!


From the Sea

We’ve got the best local, market-fresh seafood for your evening! Whether it’s Vancouver Island Halibut with mango, red pepper, and lime, or Wild BC Salmon with Saskatoon berry compote, we have a fish with your name on it!


From the Farm

If you’re more of a land type of person, you may want to try our sweet and sticky quail (blackened and sticky with hints of za’atar and pomegranate), or perhaps our house made lamb merguez and wild boar andouille sausages!


Something Sweet

If you’re coming for an after-theatre dessert, we’ve got the best-baked cheesecake in town. Cheesecake not your thing? That’s ok! We’ve got Turtle Pie, Chocolate Cake, gelato and so much more to choose from! Pair it with a glass or wine or specialty coffee!


Summertime and the Living is Easy

Come on up to the terrace this summer. No reservations required! Come as you are; bring a date, some friends, or your family and enjoy the best that Vancouver has to offer!


patio at Bridges


patio at Bridges


patio at Bridges


patio at Bridges


evening at Bridges


evening at Bridges