Rediscovering the Big Yellow Gem on Granville Island

On 27 September 2017 byBridges Restaurant


A Time Before Emojis (OMG!)
Let us take you back to a time before smartphones, the internet, and Netflix--a simpler time when cable television, shoulder pads, Michael J. Fox and Dynasty reigned supreme (Millennials, you’ll have to Google it). 

It was during this glorious big-haired era that Bridges was born. However, while opening a restaurant on Granville Island seems normal today, back in 1980 it was a radical idea. You have to remember that in the early 80’s the Island was nothing more than a derelict industrial area with no restaurants or pubs in sight.

The Visionaries
It all started when two UBC professors, Michael Seelig (Urban Planning) and Nathan Divinski (Math) were kicking around the idea of opening a neighbourhood pub. After looking at various areas in Vancouver, Seelig became interested in Granville Island’s uniqueness and raw potential. Having lived in New York for a time, he appreciated the industrial aesthetic that the location provided. While others may have only seen a derelict industrial area, Seelig saw a diamond in the rough--the old Arrow Transfer Co. building being the diamond.

1980: Bridges Opens
When we opened our doors back in 1980, Vancouverites were introduced to a new concept in dining. Designed by the legendary David Vance, its loft-inspired industrial vibe, exciting seafood-inspired menu, and fabulous view, was truly something new to the city.

Granville Island Pioneers 
Bridges quickly became the toast of the town, as folks from around the world flocked to the new culinary gem. Soon after, other businesses would follow, recognizing the potential that Granville Island provided.


Today, the Island has evolved to become one of the most popular locations in the city, and Bridges has become iconic in its own right. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine Vancouver’s landscape without the now-famous yellow edifice.


The Evolution
While we are proud of being a Vancouver institution, we’re certainly not living in the past. Over the years, we’ve evolved and grown up with Granville Island. We’ve been busy with tasteful remodeling and updating our upstairs dining room and bistro menus--focusing on market-fresh seafood and fish. We’ve also created “Pistachio” our new dessert and gelato cafe, offering hand-made, artisanal confectionery.

Improving Upon Patio Perfection
Just when you thought our patio couldn’t get any better, we improved it! With new patio trees, gorgeous planters and tasteful outdoor lighting, our patio is more beautiful and romantic than ever!

Rediscover the Yellow  Gem All Over Again!
If it’s been awhile since you’ve been our guest, we’d love to invite you to come down and rediscover one of the city’s best culinary gems. Here are just a few reasons why:

  1. - New seafood and fish focus
  2. - Dessert Bar @ Bridges Dessert and Gelato Cafe
  3. - Updated Garden Patio Dock
  4. - New informal upstairs dining room vibe (come as you are)


The More Things Change…
While we keep updating our look and menu, some things haven’t changed since we opened our doors over three decades ago: great service, passion for food, and, of course, that million dollar view! Come on back to the restaurant that started it all on Granville Island, and rediscover what 35 years of experience tastes like!




evening at Bridges


cake at pistachio at Bridges


cake at Bridges


patio at Bridges