It’s Fresh. It’s Sweet. It’s Fragrant. It’s Aromatic: Introducing Pistachio at Bridges!

On 7 August 2017 byBridges Restaurant


Pistachio: A “Dessert” Oasis on Granville Island

Walking into Pistachio, Bridges’ new dessert and gelato cafe, is like stumbling upon an unexpected oasis. Designed by famed interior designer, David Vance (Joe Fortes, Earl's, Cardero's, Joey Tomato), the atrium-style room is open, airy and shimmers with light. Its industrial-elegance is softened with gorgeous views and hanging flora.

Vance designed the perfect space--a playful nod to the building’s industrial origins while maintaining a clean forward design. It’s the kind of place that invites you to sit, relax and enjoy the small joys of life--dessert.


Let ‘em Eat Cake!

We at Bridges love our dessert! Ever since we opened our doors way back in ‘84, we were known for our Decadence Cake and our classic cheesecake. Those delightful desserts are still on the menu, but we’ve taken things to a new level with our new Pistachio Dessert Cafe! We’ve added new desserts, like our Sicilian Almond Cake and Lemon Almond Cake, to the mix.


Gelato in the House!

As always, we serve the best, freshest, handmade in-house gelato! With flavours like Dulce De Leche, Double Chocolate, Mango Sorbetto, and, of course, Pistachio, you can’t go wrong!


Why Pistachio?

People have been asking why we named our new dessert and gelato cafe “Pistachio.”

Well, first off, we think it’s a pretty awesome name! But the other reason we named it after this amazing little nut has to do with one of our owner’s sweet childhood memories. You see, his mother used to make pistachio baklava, and he recalled how the aroma of the sweet confection filled his childhood home:

There is such a connection between our senses and memory. Even today, when I taste pistachios, I am transported back to my childhood kitchen--I can see my mother in her blue apron cooking baklava over the 60’s style yellow stove. While making the baklava, she would give me some shelled pistachios drizzled with a little honey to snack on. Such comforting memories.


Better Than Meatloaf

Another one of our owners had fond memories of his mother’s meatloaf, but we didn’t think that it had the right ring to it for a dessert bar.


Old Nuts!

The pistachio is one of the oldest known nuts. In fact, archaeological evidence dates the association of pistachios and man as early as 6,000 BC! That means the pistachio has survived wars, natural disasters, political upheavals, and the Kardashians! That’s one tough nut!

It’s not surprising that this little nut has remained popular with humans. Gorgeous in colour, rich in nutrients and delectable, it was declared the nut of 2015 (the cashew took it pretty hard). It’s a well-deserved accolade as this creamy kernel is so versatile and truly deserves to be in the spotlight.


Pistachio Fun Facts:

While you’re hanging out at Pistachio, here are some fun facts you can impress (or annoy)  your friends with:

  • Pistachios were once considered to be food of royalty
  • Hearing the crack of a pistachio shell is considered good luck
  • People from India believe pistachios are capable of warming the soul.
  • Pistachios are one of only two nuts mentioned In the Bible


Now, enjoy some dessert!



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