Patio Perfection at Bridges Bistro

On 30 May 2017 by Bridges Restaurant


Vancouverites hope, wish, pray and wait for it all year. They dream about it during the cold winter months and yearn for it during the rainy season (our main one).

Patio season is why we put up with the rest of those pesky seasons, and it just so happens that Bridges has the best patio in Vancouver! 

Bridges Over Calm Waters

Overlooking English Bay, Vanier Park, and Vancouver’s West End, there really is no better place to relax, enjoy delectable seafood and fish, and hang out with friends all while working on your tan!


patio at Bridges


Word on the Patio…

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We know that in this city, people know good food and have come to expect the best quality, and that’s why we love to receive feedback. Here is a sampling of what we’re hearing from folks on our patio!


Brussels and Bacon

“Seasoned perfectly, and moist. The bacon compliments the delicate flavour of the brussel sprouts…there is a nice saltiness to the bacon bits which are cooked to perfection–not too fatty and just the right amount of crispiness without being over-crisp. Great texture and mouth-feel!”


Local Shrimp Salad (with yogurt dill dressing)

“We love the light dill dressing and the toasted pine nuts. The shrimp are very fresh and cold, and the iceberg lettuce is crisp and refreshing. A perfect summer patio meal!”


House Smoked Trout

“This trout is perfectly cooked and great for sharing. Love the smoky flavour. I love that they let the fish speak for itself–it’s straight-from-the-ocean fresh and the flavour is outstanding.”


Grilled Swordfish

“Grilled nicely! It’s moist — not dry. Fresh mango and papaya salsa pairs perfectly with the fish. Love that they didn’t overpower it with heavy sauces. The natural flavours come through!”


Crab Cakes

“These are some of the best crab cakes I’ve had! The exterior is crispy but the inside is soft and flaky. Love the sauce–it compliments the gentle sweetness of the crab without overpowering it.”


Salmon Burger and Slaw

“Love that it’s a thick fillet of salmon and not a patty! A generous serving of fresh salmon and crisp iceberg lettuce and tomatoes. This is so great for a summer burger–not too heavy and a nice light fluffy bun.”


Deep Fried Calamari

“The calamari is beautifully seasoned– there’s a kick to it but it’s not overpowering. The freshness really comes through–lightly breaded, crispy but not greasy or oily. I love the seasoning!! It’s a unique take on a traditional dish.”



“Nicely baked chips with great cheese-to-chip ratio. Gorgeous Mexican-style salsa, and great condiment portions. The guacamole is very fresh. I like that the nachos are not overwhelming. It’s a perfect sharing dish and compliment to the meal.”


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We Love to Hear From You

We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to let our staff know about your dining experience. We want it to be the best possible!



Rediscover Bridges Restaurant All Over Again

Our bistro kitchen is hopping; Chef Ross is on his game; our summer patio staff are ready; our new seafood and fish menu is amazing; the sun is out! So, the question is, what are you waiting for? Isn’t this why you live in this phenomenal city?



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Come join us and rediscover Bridges Restaurant all over again!