Bridges Comes Clean

Bridges Restaurant


Fake News!
In these day of fake news, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s fiction! We thought in light of this, we’d come clean, lay it all out on the line, and tell the truth. Granville Island is not an island and False Creek is, indeed, false. Wow. It feels good to get that off our chests! Here’s the real story:

A Little History
Granville Island was, in fact, an Island up until the 1950’s. However, this changed when the city wanted to make room for more industrial space and decided to fill in False Creek (not a real creek). They started by filling in the Island’s back-channel and created the area where Sutcliffe Park and the Waterpark now stand.

The Creek that Isn’t
So why do Vancouverites call the area False Creek? Way back in the mid-19th century, a guy named George Richards named it thus during his survey of the coast. He erroneously thought he was going up a creek while traveling the south side of the Burrard Inlet. When he realized that he was wrong, he named it False Creek. Makes sense!

Bridges is the Real Deal
While there may be much twisting of the facts concerning Granville Island, what we can tell you for sure is that our Waterfront Bistro Menu is the real deal! For over 30 years, we’ve been delighting locals and visitors with our outstanding comfort food, surrounded by our billion-dollar views of English Bay and Vanier Park! Whether you come by for a fresh and juicy cheeseburger or our world-famous Hot Seafood Caesar Salad, or just want to stop by for one of our handmade desserts, you can rest assured that our menu doesn’t lie! Quality ingredients. Fresh seafood. Organic produce. Handmade desserts. It’s the Truth! 


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