Bridges Waterfront: Just Desserts

Bridges Restaurant


Charles Schultz once said “all you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” We totally agree, and would add that a little Decadence Cake, baked cheesecake, and Tiramisu also doesn’t hurt, especially when they’re all made fresh and in-house!

The Iconic Chocolate Decadence Cake
At Bridges, we take our dessert very seriously, and our desserts are seriously good! From the first day we opened our doors over 30 years ago, we knew that we had to have the very best for our guests, so one of the first desserts we created was the Chocolate Decadence Cake!

Our Decadence Cake definitely lives up to its name! Now an iconic Bridges dessert, it’s the chocolate cake of chocolate cakes! Layers of moist chocolate sponge and ganache, raspberry coulis, with a generous helping of vanilla gelato!  Perfect for an after-dinner treat with a glass of red wine or espresso.

Our Baked Cheesecake. A True Classic!
If chocolate isn’t your thing, (which is crazy, but no judgment), you really can’t ever go wrong with our famous baked cheesecake. It’s a denser cheesecake, reminiscent of New York’s legendary Carnegie Deli version. We don’t mess with a classic! Served with fresh raspberries and a drizzle of raspberry coulis, we know you’ll fall in love with this delectable dessert!

Tiramisu Treasure!
There are few desserts more indulgent than a proper Tiramisu, and ours is definitely no exception! Made fresh, our Tiramisu is a gorgeous balance of Kahlua, rich mascarpone, whipped cream, and cocoa!

Love and Dessert
The truth is that choosing a dessert at Bridges is a win-win situation. Every confection is lovingly hand-made and prepared fresh daily! So, while we think that love is a great thing, sometimes dessert is what we really need!


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