Stairway to Heaven: Bridges’ New Upstairs Dining Experience

On 12 May 2017 by Bridges Restaurant


Introducing Chef Dan Crocker

Bridges Restaurant is excited to introduce one of our best-kept secret ingredients: Chef Dan Crocker.

The addition of Chef Dan to the Bridges family is a big part of the transformation of our upstairs dining room from “old school” to “steakhouse chic.” We want people to rediscover our gorgeous upstairs, with its billion dollar view and brand-spanking new menu!

Our focus is on fresh, local, quality ingredients with an emphasis on sharing. In short, this is good honest food, prepared with passion and attention to detail!


New Upstairs Menu

We sat down with Chef Dan after he prepared a tasting event for the upstairs dining room staff. It’s clear that he’s passionate about food and creating a culinary experience for his guests.


From the Sea

“I love our Dungeness Crab dish,” explains Crocker. “We aren’t doing what everyone else is doing.

Our crab dish is southern style with fried green tomatoes as the base. Crisp and tart, with avocado to give it a fattiness and a nice shot of lime. It’s got a cold crab salad on top. Pure, fresh, white crab meat. I want the crab to speak for itself.”


From the Farm

Another new menu item that Chef Dan is proud of is the Braised Lamb Cheeks.

He explains, “the lamb cheeks are from New Zealand. They have a milder flavour, which a lot of people prefer. They’re braised and slow cooked for 4 and a half hours, so they’re very moist and tender. Perfect!”


Charming Charcuterie:

Chef Dan has elevated the charcuterie and cheese boards to new levels of greatness. “I studied in France for a year and a half, so I learned a lot about quality charcuterie,” says Crocker. “When I moved back to Toronto, I worked in the charcuterie department of a high-end restaurant. I’d cut up entire pigs every few days and made everything from scratch. It was great!

With this board, I like to play with the philosophy of keeping everything local. Our meats are all from Oyama Meats, right here in Granville Island. We want to change up our meats and cheeses every week to keep things fresh and interesting, as well as create wonderful in-house terrines and pates.”


Check Out the Entire Menu!

These are just a few highlights from our new menu. Please click on our upstairs menu and take a look at all the wonderful new culinary delights, including our steaks! Our steak game is stronger than ever. Tender, flavourful and fresh!



patio at Bridges patio at Bridges patio at Bridges patio at Bridges patio at Bridges


chef dan


Upstairs Staff Menu Tasting

We pride ourselves on the fact that our upstairs staff is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the food they serve. In order for them to be able to answer any questions you may have, or offer great pairing suggestions, they need to taste it all! Our upstairs staff came together recently to do just that–with the help and guidance of Chef Dan, of course!


Staff Honourable Mentions


Crispy Cauliflower:

Our servers loved the new cauliflower side dish, commenting that it was “lovely, fresh, crisp, sweet and tart.” Chef Dan explained that it is now baked with olive oil rather than fried.


Crab Cake Appetizer:

Our staff loved the freshness and fabulous flavours of this dish. “Perfect for the summer!”



This was a big hit with our servers. Prepared with sage and black pepper, you can’t lose with this classic dish.


Pork Tenderloin:

This dish was described as “nice and rich.” One veteran server loved it so much he confessed, “truly in the 20 years I’ve been here, this is the most excited I’ve been about a new menu item! I’d come here and eat and bring my friends!”


Our Staff Weigh-In

All our upstairs staff agreed that the changes to the menu and the overall new upstairs dining room philosophy is moving in the right direction.

“I’m so excited about this menu because it’s more accessible, more casual and yet still elegant,” commented one server. “I think the new menu caters to people who have different interests in their palate. There are more flavour profiles, and a unique pairing of sides and mains.”


patio at Bridges patio at Bridges patio at Bridges patio at Bridges

Casual Elegance–One Flight Up

Come on up the stairs the next time you’re in Granville Island and enjoy our new menu and our new casual steakhouse vibe. Come as you are and enjoy our finest culinary creations in one of the most gorgeous settings in Vancouver!

Refined but never stuffy, breathtaking elegance mixed with down-home comfort and hospitality. We can’t wait to see you!