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Christmas in October
We know it may seem strange to start thinking about mistletoe and hot toddies while still trying to squeeze out the last few summer BBQ’s and hikes, but our upstairs dining room is booking up quickly for the holidays and we don’t want you to miss your chance to celebrate the yuletide season in one of the most breathtaking settings in Vancouver!

The Perfect Holiday Party
Whether your event is large or small, we can accommodate your needs. Our highly experienced events team will make sure that your event is perfect, and reflects your company’s holiday vision.



On 27 Sept 2017 byBridges Restaurant


A Time Before Emojis (OMG!)
Let us take you back to a time before smartphones, the internet, and Netflix--a simpler time when cable television, shoulder pads, Michael J. Fox and Dynasty reigned supreme (Millennials, you’ll have to Google it). 

It was during this glorious big-haired era that Bridges was born. However, while opening a restaurant on Granville Island seems normal today, back in 1980 it was a radical idea. You have to remember that in the early 80’s the Island was nothing more than a derelict industrial area with no restaurants or pubs in sight.



On 7 August 2017 byBridges Restaurant


Pistachio: A “Dessert” Oasis on Granville Island

Walking into Pistachio, Bridges’ new dessert and gelato cafe, is like stumbling upon an unexpected oasis. Designed by famed interior designer, David Vance (Joe Fortes), the atrium-style room is open, airy and shimmers with light. Its industrial-elegance is softened with gorgeous views and hanging flora.

Vance designed the perfect space--a playful nod to the building’s industrial origins while maintaining a clean forward design. It’s the kind of place that invites you to sit, relax and enjoy the small joys of life--dessert.

Let ‘em Eat Cake!

We at Bridges love our dessert! Ever since we opened our doors way back in ‘84, we were known for our Decadence Cake and our classic cheesecake. Those delightful desserts are still on the menu, but we’ve taken things to a new level with our new Pistachio Dessert Cafe! We’ve added new desserts, like our Sicilian Almond Cake and Lemon Almond Cake, to the mix.



On 25 July 2017 byBridges Restaurant


She Swiped Right!

So you have a date and you’re not sure where to go. We’ve got you covered! The upstairs terrace at Bridges is the place! Why? Read on!

Stay Up Late 

We’re excited to announce that we’ve opened our upstairs terrace until 11 pm this summer so you can enjoy the natural beauty of Granville Island while enjoying one of the best seafood and fish menus in the city. It really doesn’t get any better than this!


Strawberry Milkshakes and Refined Dining: A Conversation with Upstairs Manager, Christiane


On 6 July 2017 byBridges Restaurant


Christiane bounds ebulliently down the stairs to the bistro where I’m waiting to conduct our interview. “I love strawberry!” she exclaims, as she orders two milkshakes at the Dessert Bar. Besides her love of strawberry milkshakes, what’s immediately clear is Christiane has a lot of energy and passion for her job.

We Can’t all be Wolfgang Puck

Christiane explains, “At the age of 15 I knew that I wanted to be a chef. I knew that I wanted to have a career that was fun and engaging. So I went to chef training school and earned my Red Seal; however, I began to notice that the caliber of my cooking was not as high as I’d hoped, so I decided to shift my focus.



On June 2, 2017


Nice Work if You Can Get It

This is why we love to hold our annual staff wine and beer tasting–one of our most anticipated staff events of the year! It’s a tough job, but someone has to do the grueling work of tasting some of the best wines and beers from around the world.

Our Knowledgeable Staff

Our staff love to learn all about the wine and beer we serve so that they can make the best-informed suggestions for our guests. They are always eager to learn more about the beverages that we offer, whether they are already oenophiles or new to the wine tasting game.  


On May 30, 2017


Vancouverites hope, wish, pray and wait for it all year. They dream about it during the cold winter months and yearn for it during the rainy season (our main one).

Patio season is why we put up with the rest of those pesky seasons, and it just so happens that bridges has the best patio in Vancouver! 

Bridges Over Calm Waters

Overlooking English Bay, Vanier Park, and Vancouver’s West End, there really is no better place to relax, enjoy delectable seafood and fish, and hang out with friends all while working on your tan!

Liberty Wine Merchants and Bridges Restaurant Pour the Pink for 9th Annual Rosé Revival

On 6 May 2017


Days of Wine and Roses

The poet, Ovid, once remarked, “when there is plenty of wine, sorrow and worry take wing.” Indeed, over 200 Oenophiles gathered at Bridges Restaurant, and with Ovidian joy and insouciance, experienced a plethora of savoury canapes, scintillating conversations, and of course, over 14 varietals of that elixir of the heavens–rosé!

Hip Hip Rosé!

This was the scene at the 9th annual Rosé Revival, a charity event that raises money for The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Once again, Liberty Merchant Company, and bridges teamed up to host this spectacular evening that has raised over 26 thousand dollars to date, proceeds that all go to benefit the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (BC – Yukon).


Sharing is Caring: Bistro Staff Weigh in On New Fish and Seafood Menu!

On 29 April 2017


The New Bistro Menu 

Last week, 25 of our eager, fresh-faced and hungry staff sat down to experience our new bistro menu. The updated focus is on what we do best: seafood and fish. bridges is all about seasonal, locally sourced, fresh-from-the-sea fare, so what better way to kick off summer on our gorgeous patio than with our brand new culinary creations!

Chef Ross Explains

Bistro Chef, Ross Collier, was on hand to guide our staff through the tasting. He emerged from the kitchen to rousing applause, a clear indication that our staff not only loved his menu but appreciate his dedication to his craft. Collier started off the tasting evening explaining that the new format for the bistro is an emphasis on sharing and, of course, fresh seafood and fish.

A Chef for All Seasons!

On 20 April 2017


A Passion for Great Food

Ross Collier has come a long way since his days delivering Pizza in Kelowna over 26 years ago, but his passion for cooking great food has never diminished. He’s been at Bridges Restaurant for 16 years, and still keeps things fresh (literally) on a daily basis!

“I love good food, and making people happy” Ross explains. “I went from delivering pizza in Kelowna to making dough in the kitchen. It’s there that I started to develop a real passion for cooking, and realized that this is what I wanted to do.”

Bridges Patio: An Institution

On 15 April 2017


Bridges Patio: Your Summer Stay-cation Destination!

Bridges Restaurant enthusiastically marks the start of summer on April 21st! While it may not feel like summer outside, the newly-hired Bridges summer staff gathered to gear up for what will be the highlight of the year—patio season!

Bridges co-owner, Michael Seelig, was on hand to talk to our fresh-faced new staff, explaining that this summer is going to be especially fun, as there are many new and exciting changes afoot!

Summer is certainly going to be exhilarating, as the new patio team will be an integral part of the next generation of ambassadors at Bridges.

The Sun Comes out for Ride2Survive!

On 7 April 2017


The Sun Comes out for Ride2Survive!

Sunday, April 2nd was one of those flawless Vancouver Spring mornings. The sun came out in all its splendour; a cool breeze wafted over the water; excited Vancouverites were out rediscovering the beauty of Granville Island. In other words, a perfect day for brunch at Bridges Restaurant!

However, this particular Sunday was extra-special, as we proudly hosted our 6th annual Ride2Survive Brunch —a worthy event that raises much needed funds for cancer research. Last year, the brunch (50 dollars a plate), and auction raised over twenty-two thousand dollars! This year, we hope to raise even more!