Bridges Bistro and Kaylin & Hobbs Team up for Pickled-Perfection

On 10 June 2017 by Bridges Restaurant


Picking a Peck of Artisanal Pickles

Honestly, we have no idea why Peter picked all those pickles, but if they were from Kaylin & Hobbs, we totally understand his pickle obsession!


Welcome to Granville Island, K&H!

We love the fact that some of the best, organic and artisanal produce are right next door to us at the Granville Island Market. From world-class meats at Oyama Sausage Co. to the best doughnuts on the planet at the iconic Lee’s Doughnuts, we literally have access to a culinary bounty right in our backyard!


Likeminded Food Philosophy

So, we were excited when we heard that Kaylin & Hobbs Pickleswas opening its doors in the Market. Like us, they are passionate about good food and believe that handcrafted cuisine and attention to detail is what matters most. As their website explains (check out their website!), Kaylin & Hobbs Pickles are Scott Kaylin (born and bred in New York City) and Chris Hobbs (from Vancouver).


Necessity is the Mother of Invention

They came up with the idea to sell pickles because the duo had a dilemma. They couldn’t find a great tasting pickle anywhere in Vancouver, so they decided to start a pickle company of their own, mainly to ensure they would always have their own supply!  


New York Deli Style

Indeed, Kaylin & Hobbs offer “Jalapeño, Kosher Dill, Half Sour, Horseradish, Mustard and Full Sour pickles. All served deli-style just like New York. And they’re Gluten Free, Vegan and Kosher too.” As you can see, they don’t fool around when it comes to a good pickle! 


The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Like the thousands of people who have tasted K&H samples on their way through the Granville Island Market, we fell in love with their pickles on the first crispy bite! We knew right away that we had to feature their product at Bridges! 


Render unto Caesar!

Apart from poutine and maple syrup, there are few things more Canadian than a good Caesar! We’ve added Kaylin & Hobbs pickles to this iconic drink and it’s upped our Caesar game even higher (if that was even possible!).

Come down to our gorgeous patio today and pair this iconic beverage with our Nachos or beef burger–can’t really do much better than that! 


Pickles on the Side 

We didn’t stop with adding K&H pickles to our Caesars. We’re also plating them with our incredibly good bistro burgers! We have to say, they really complement the dish, and go very well with French fries! 


It’s All in the Details

Like K&H Pickles, we know that success depends on the details–those seemingly small things that can make a profound difference. We want to ensure that every bite you have at Bridges Restaurant is perfect.

Whether it’s using only the highest quality beef in our burgers, sourcing the best olive oil for our salad dressing, or adding the best pickles in Canada to our culinary repertoire, Bridges is always synonymous the highest quality fare!


patio at Bridges


patio at Bridges


patio at Bridges


patio at Bridges


patio at Bridges